Introducing Sierra Nevada Guitar Society

As the name says, Sierra Nevada Guitar Society is one of the most famous Music Programs holding concerts, art performing competitions and especially guitar expert competitions. This guitar society aims to bring out all the talents hidden among so many people.

This competition has a high standard for art performing especially when it comes to music. There, people can have an audition if they can be chosen to perform and join the competition. Many great artists who have already joined this competition and have won the awards as greatest guitarists. Some people who are recognized here are Victor Villadangos, a famous guitar player from Argentina, Viviana Guzman is the most famous flutist from Chile.

She excels in all competitions she went through so she is one of the most amazing musician in Nevada Guitar Society, Maximo Diego Pujol, a famous guitarist from Argentina and famous for his classical guitar sounds and music. He is one of the awardees from this competition, Dmitri Atapine is born in Nevada and he grew as an amazing player of guitar and he is so famous for his amazing talent that he showed in music schools and other programs where he performed.

Those who join this kind of competition in Nevada Guitar Society can achieve and award for as long as contestants are demonstrate an amazing talent that no ordinary guitarist can perform. Now many people are so gifted with the playing of guitar and each is finding their way on how to be more famous in anyway.