The most expensive guitars that was sold around the world

Uncategorized / Monday, September 20th, 2010

One thing could become expensive because of the name of the one who made it or the one who use it. It is now common to hear that the things, writings, pictures, or anything that belongs to a celebrity or a famous personality are being sold at an auction. Those who can pay more to get the item are the one who can get it. Sometimes even if the value of that thing or property is only a hundred dollars but it can go up to million dollars.

It is also the same to these guitars that were sold at an incredible price. They are not that valuable as they are already used and others could be old but because of those who made them and used them that they became very expensive. It may sound ridiculous to others but it is already a pleasure or an extravagant life to others like this company service for water leakage more info from here They make their own collection of items that are seen to have value like the guitars that you can see above.

The highest value of the guitar is 2.2 million dollars. The next one is for 2 million dollars and that guitar is one of Jimi Hendrix. Sometimes when people are dead, their things become more valuable than when they are living like the paintings that are subject to theft usually as their value is very high. Bob Marley has also left a guitar that was valued at 1.6 million US dollars. the next one is by Eric Clapton and Eric Clapton.