Learning the different types of audio cable

Uncategorized / Saturday, July 14th, 2012

Learning something is nice especially if you can use them. In this time let us also take a time to learn about the different types of audio cable. You may not be good for me to know where the cable should be attached but this time we can be able to learn them so that we could be familiarized. You can just do the trial when you are trying to determine which cable would you plug but it is better to have some idea.

The first type of the cable is the analog category and you can find sub-categories of it. There are our analog cables in the infographic. They have picture and explanation for better understanding. You are given tips if that type of cable should be long or not so that the noise would not be picked up and it would be minimized. the next category is the digital cables which are divided into midi cables and USB cables. This accounting firm has also this device easily use for their service see from this link 凡藝會計師. You can read what they are used for in the infographic above.

It was also explained about the balance cable and the unbalanced ones. After each of them are explained it also lets us know how the balanced could be maintained or obtained. You can also see the different images of the cable wires. They give the illustration or what would be the male or female XLR should be. You can also see the TS/TRS in 1/4 inch and the mini jack. It is interesting knowing the terms use in cable wires.