Understanding the Evolution of the Electric Guitar

Uncategorized / Friday, August 23rd, 2013

There are different kinds of musical instruments such as the piano, drums, violin, flute, and others. The guitar is one of the most commonly used instrument especially by musical bands. Specifically, the rock band cannot perform without any guitar especially the electric guitar. This instrument gives life to the performance. Then, when did the electric guitar began? Let us look into its evolution through the infographic below.

Rickenbacker Electro A-22

This instrument is also known as a “frying pan”. What is the reason? Simply because it resembles a frying pan. Who created this instrument? It was George Beauchamp. This instrument was first created in 1931. From that time, more innovations came up.

Rickenbacker ‘Electro String’

This guitar was invented in 1935. This instrument is an evidence that the electric guitar improved. The design is not purely solid because of the plastic walls. It was actually invented by Doc Kauffman.

Les Paul ‘Log’

This invention was made in 1941 and known as one of the first solid-body electric guitars because it was made from chunk of pine with strings and a pick-up unlike the Rickenbacker Electro string.

Bigsby-Travis Guitar

This guitar was invented in 1947 and designed by a country singer Merle Travis and mechanic Paul Bigsby. The design is truly a country style.

Jackson Randy Rhoads

This is one of the latest electric guitar invention in 1982. The design is like an inverted V.

Ibanez 7 String

In 1994, this guitar was invented after an experiment.

Guitar Hero Controller

This invention is a real electronic guitar. One of the latest guitar inventions. Many rock bands use this guitar during performance.