Tutorial for playing Guitar

Here are the things that you need to know in playing guitar. Guitar is one of the easiest musical instruments that anyone can learn. If you want to learn how to play guitar, follow these simple steps.

1. Chords

This is the pitch produced in playing the guitar. Chords are the first guide in learning how to fret, pluck, strum and many more. Be aware of what the chords can produce.

2. Guitar Handling

Playing guitar sometimes makes easier if we know the technique in handling the instrument. A beginner should use an instruments fitting to the size of the body and the fingers.

3. Strumming

If  we are going to strum, we have to make sure that our fingers are flexible and not hard. They should easily move. Of course, it will be tough at first because it is first. However, strum the guitar with all your strength. Actually, it is hard; fingers transferring from one bar to another bar is very tough most especially if the notes and chords are not memorized. Where is D minor and B? Like this we can not make sure of which bar and string our fingers would press. This is why practice makes perfect. This is the way people can make it.

4. Strum, fret and move simultaneously

Here, after you memorized all the chords of the song, you can strum, fret and move your fingers simultaneously as if you are an expert. After going through these, we have to practice and practice even more than 100 times in order for us to become expert, one of the best guitarist ever.